Gold & Jewelry CNC Machine in UAE / Dubai

With the advancement of technology, CNC machines have replaced human labor in various fields, one of which is gold and jewelry. “AZF” was one of the first activists and introducers of these machines in this industry. These machines are far more accurate than traditional (manual) methods in terms of speed, accuracy and quality of work output, and sometimes they provide outputs that are not even possible to make manually.

AZF CNC desktop CNC machines generally have 5 uses, which are as follows:

  1. 1. Engraving plates of gold, silver, brass, copper and steel
  2. 2. Cutting gold, silver, brass, copper and steel plates
  3. 3. Carving agate and other stones
  4. 4. Cutting stones such as oyster, onyx and malachite
  5. 5. Machining 3D models such as faces on gold, silver, brass, copper and steel

Gold & Jewelry CNC Machine

  • Code : SI-1515 & SI-3535
  • Appropriate for engraving & cutting gold, brass, copper, silver & steel plates
  • Appropriate for engraving & cutting stones
  • Appropriate for making 3D Models
  • Axes : 3 Axis / XYZ
  • Working Area : 150x150x50mm(SI-1515) / 350x350x50mm(SI-3535)
  • Maximum speed : 50mm/s
  • Repeatability Accuracy : 0.007mm
  • Machine External Dimension : 520x420x420mm(SI-1515) / 620x710x550mm(SI-3535)
  • Machine Weight : 40Kg(SI-1515) / 50Kg(SI-3535)
  • Power : 500W
  • LM Guide & Ball Screw for all axes
  • Spindle Motor : 12,000 rpm, 400W, Air-Coolant
  • Axes Motors : Stepper Motor
  • Controller : Mach3 / USB
  • Tutorial, Guarantee, After Sales Services & Support

SI Series in a glance

Stone Carving

Engraving on Gold

Cutting Gold Plate

Pearl Cutting

3D Machining

Stone Cutting – Van Clef Designs

AZF Software

AZF has designed a special software environment based on Mach3 boards, which can be customized by this group, which is one of the distinguishing points of this brand. The software environment is completely smooth and user-friendly, and AZF provides its own software for each device.


AZF Software
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In addition to providing a number of tools on each device during delivery, AZF is committed to providing advice and providing tools according to customers’ requests.