AZF (Armin Zahraei Far) group, founded in 2016 from the origin of Tehran, Iran, specialized in the various fields as mentioned bellow.

In January 2024, AZF has announced that it will continue its activities in the United Arab Emirates.

اطلاعیه مهم :
نظر به فعالیت این مجموعه در کشور امارات متحده عربی، ای زد اف در اسفند ماه سال ۱۴۰۲ بطور رسمی پایان فعالیت فروش خود را در ایران و ادامه آن را در امارات اعلام نموده است.

Gold & Jewelry CNC Machinery


Handmade Sunglasses

AZF Handmade Sunglasses
Can be custom made
in various styles & colors
CNC Products

Engraving & Cutting Lasers

15W & 80W Laser Engraver / Cutter

Gold & Jewelry CNC Machinery

Engraving & Cutting Plates, Engraving & Cutting Stones & Making 3D Models

PCB & Pantograph CNC Machinery

Engraving & Cutting Labels / Drilling & Cutting PCB
Our Customers

– Which Customers buy us a CNC Machinery?

– Gold & Jewelry

– Dental & Medical

– Pantography & Label producers

– Part & Moulds Manufacturers

– Prototypes

– Wood Industries

– PCB Producers

– Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries


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